"Maybe" has his origin in the attempt to understand, why people withdraw from her friends and become estranged towards the beloved person more and more. Sometime  a development has started  away from

what was important and what was valid in the past. Besides, it is not really clear, when exactly and what

has happened in detail. In the end, many factors play a role. However, it is clear, how pointlessly and, in the end, also tragically a such personality change is. It happens stealthily, for a long time little noted and not enough taken seriously. Untimely recognizing and countersteering could possibly have detained the development process.

I thought of real people from my life when I began to write a song text. I had written the music already


The basic idea ( the connection between " love to have received " and "love to be able to give " ) was clear

for me. I thought about many possibilities and ideas. Sometime I remembered this incomparable text line

Paul McCartneys from his song "The End" ( nearly the last song on "Abbey Road" of  "The Beatles" ).

From this moment the song text developed, line by line, to "Maybe".

19 Years

There are in the life of every person certain days, which are connected with a certain event. The recollection of it is linked indelible with the respective date.

9th December, 1980 ( CET ) is such a date for me. 

The awful news of the death of John Lennon overtook me in the afternoon, and even "indirectly".

At this day I had tried to do records in my little "recording studio" in Cologne. It was one of the days during nothing was successful, nothing was fun.

In the afternoon my best friend came to see me. He wanted to know how I am feeling. He supposed, John Lennon has been murdered. I switched on the radio for the 16 clock News to find out, what had happened in New York City.

However: No tip, no statement to John Lennon.

Then after one second of hope the unmistakable piano chords of "Imagine" broke through the silence. Unannounced and completely without comment. At this moment I knew: John is dead!

Exactly 19 years later I had to think of this day, I had to think of my youth, I had to think of the meaning of the Beatles and above all of John Lennon for myself. I played guitar, then piano and then, automatically the elementary idea of  "19 Years" was created. "19 Years" was at first only one working title, but later should form the lyrics beginning of the song text.

The main idea of "19 years" was: The song should act not only from John Lennon. The song should be marked audible, understandable musical allusions on the most creative time of the Beatles era. The time of  "Strawberry Fields forever"  . . .