Singing Strings

"Singing Strings" is my personal homage to the wonderful sound of string instruments, especially the guitar. Their sound is as varied as life itself, sometimes singing and jubilant, sometimes complaining and doubting.

And of course the album is shaped by our special life in the past few months since "Wings in the wind". The corona pandemic has had a major impact on all of us. In addition to the many social restrictions, the feeling of increasing loneliness, the fears, worries and hardships, the new, often simple wishes and hopes, this phase of life also gave me time - time for leisure, time for inner contemplation, time for self-reflection.

In the total of 18 songs on "Singing Strings" (including 4 instrumental pieces - so to speak, "songs without words") many personal experiences and insights are reflected, which for me can only be articulated in my own musical form of expression.

I hope you can find yourselves here again. I hope you will take the time to listen. And I hope you will enjoy "Singing Strings".




Medley "Singing Strings"