Distant light

Distant light  -  The concept

"Distant Light" is my fifth album.


"Distant Light" begins with the song "Distant light" as a kind of epilogue, which specifies the conceptual idea of the album both musically and lyrically.

In the further course, different perspectives can be heard in the individual songs.

The bottom line in the sense of "redemption" is set out in the final "The answer" from my very personal point of view. For me, music has always been and always has been help, support, energy, motivation and anchor. The dialogue between the two acoustic guitars ends in an "enlightening" E major chord that leads directly to the Beatles-oriented "Music is the answer".


Generally speaking, the lyrics of the fifteen songs deal with crises and strokes of fate that can overtake us in life.

Experienced misery, experienced emergency situations, suffered pain: All of this is part of our existence.

Ultimately, the challenge is to find your way out and to overcome all obstacles on this route.

The courage and the strength to do this are deep within us. Our will to live, our belief in us and our hope for tomorrow are the drivers of the departure to overcome the seemingly insurmountable.


"Distant Light"

As long as we feel hope within, there is a chance of a tomorrow.


Pete Crambert

Distant light  -  The  photo

Explanations for the cover photo

The picture was taken in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, in the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.


The former school served as a prison for the Khmer Rouge from 1976, in which the inmates were tortured and murdered.

When it was liberated by Vietnamese soldiers in January 1979, the

around 18,000 prisoners only four children and seven adults survived. Since August 1979 the site as a museum has been an impressive memorial for every visitor.

When I visited early in the morning, the sun was a warm ball in the sky and contrasted with the cold fence, which with its sharp teeth and edges gives the impression of insurmountability.

On the prisoner's side of the wire fence, it is within reach and looks threatening.

On the other side of the fence, freedom is far away, symbolized by a warm orange of the sun, which turns more and more to blood red below. The red coloring stands for warmth outside, which gives hope, and for blood that was shed inside the fence every day.

In order to clarify the contrast in the image statement, I edited the original image.

The fence was duplicated and mirrored and the collage reduced the brightness of the sun.

Jürgen Kosel


More of his work: http://www.kovision-art.de

Distant light

- the clip -


The clip quotes eight of the fifteen songs on the album in the form of a medley. In the scenes, a. to see or hear my friends Mesut Bakir and Matthias Pohl at the microphone. Both supported me in the vocal parts. Our voices harmonize perfectly and I always enjoy working with Mesut and Matthias.

You can already hear them on my albums "Jam" and "Loveace".