"PUZZLE" - music from one source.

11 songs for example "19 Years" - a homage to John Lennon and the Beatles - and the incomparable instrumental tribute

"River to nowhere"  show that music can be linked inseparably with the man who has written the music and has produced.


This music, that is Pete Crambert

He sings from his life, he sings of his personal experiences and of impressions, and, however, besides, he writes also about us - about the longing for freedom and the search for the personal luck; about human relations and love, about trust, hope and confidence, about joy and gratitude.

But also about despondence and helplessness, about deep disappointment, internal emptiness, desperation and grief.

                                                                                                                      And above the way to himself - all this are his and our subjects.


Pete pursues his personal way with PUZZLE:

He has composed, written, has produced, has sung, played... Pete made everything, he alone has decided on everything what concerns his album "Puzzle".



Songbook   "PUZZLE  Score + more"   as  an  ebook

This special Songbook is offered In all big ebook stores ( ibook StoreamazonThaliabookrixbeambuch.deweltbildebook ). It contains all songs of the album: All Lyrics, Lyrics with Chords, Tabs, chord diagrams, musical notes, photos and the complete notation of "River to nowhere".