11 songs plus 1 instrumental piece

The idea

LOVEACE is a wordplay from two words LOVE and PEACE. 

The album reflects our discussion with the life from different perspectives again. Besides, our searches for sense and  our everyday striving for a "good" and fulfilled life are central, as well as our possible failure.  

Joy of life, small luck moments in the everyday or even a certain amount of blissful happiness, but also nagging inner restlessness and a dissatisfied longing are processed in the songs.

Le Camoto Semanja

The first song of the album is "If", a quite special song, because it concerns here a wedding song for quite special people in my life. 

Decisively for "If" was the application of a small choir. "Le Camoto Semanja" sings together with me the refrain passages. Its name consists more or less of the initials of his members who have done all of them a great job. The production contain a total of 10 doubled sound recording tracks and Anja and me double the note. Thus again many thanks to Anja, Lilli, Carmen, Moni, Tom, Sebastian and Matthias.